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Do Penis Stretchers Work? Are They Just Another Scam?

Products being indiscriminately pushed at men include pills, pumps, and even tutorials on an allegedly “ancient Arabic” enlargement technique called jelqing. We will cover these in detail as we go. Then of course, I will cover penis stretching and how it works.
These days, more and more products are being pushed at men who are interested in the concept of a larger penis, but have no idea where to start.

We all love the IDEA of “easy enlargement”, but similar to physical fitness, penis stretching with penis stretchers does require effort.

There are so many products being pushed at men that it’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t.

Most of the varied approaches have one thing in common: no credible evidence showing that they produce the significant and permanent size gains they promise.

Let’s start with what many of us have seen seemingly “everywhere”. Online ads on those sites you don’t like to mention publicly, or maybe behind the counter of your local gas station.


Bare in mind, my feedback below is influenced from my personal experiences with different penis enlargement methods as well as coaching others with mostly penis stretchers in the form of penis weight hanging since 1999.


Pills are usually a concoction of ingredients.

Ingredients that on their own have been shown to do things like improve blood flow, which is helpful to the penis if you have poor blood flow there to begin with. Sometimes an injury to the groin, poor long term health, substance abuse, can all contribute to poor blood flow to the penis. In fact, if you notice erection problems developing whether “suddenly”, or with age, do yourself a big favor and see your primary physician and if they aren’t much help, see a UROLOGIST. For those who don’t know any better, a urologist is a doctor who specializes in sexual health.

Don’t just do “the man thing” and assume the pills are a good enough of a solution if they improve your erection quality. Often times, erection issues can be an early warning sign for HEART problems developing. Many of us don’t realize it, but the penis IS part of the circulatory system. The first step if you are having erection problems should always be to see a doctor, then a urologist to rule out heart or other issues.SO, pills can improve BLOOD FLOW. If you have have had poor blood flow issues for a while, your penis can in fact lose size. If you improve the blood flow to the penis after it has been poor for quite a while and you in turn see an “increase” in size, you are simply recovering size that you had before the poor blood flow caused the size loss. You’re not gaining new size.

Penis Pumps

So, what about penis pumps? Do penis pumps work to increase the size of your penis? Do they work in the same way penis stretchers do?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no is the easiest answer. This is another question that has a “mixed bag” sort of answer. Again, we have to go back to blood flow and erection health. Penis pumps were originally developed to help improve poor blood flow in the penis and began as a prescribed instrument from urologists and later made their way into the backs of adult magazines and onto adult novelty shop shelves. A penis pump pulls the penis into it by creating a vacuum inside of the pump tube. This vacuum also pulls blood into the penis and helps to ‘open up’ the blood vessels in the penis and over time, with repeated use, usually helps improve erection quality. Similar to the better blood flow that can be seen from pills, a better quality erection can seem “bigger” if you have had poor blood flow for a while and lost penis size because of it. It’s not new size though.

Jelq, Jelqing, “Ancient Arabic Jelq”

What is jelqing in the first place? This is basically a hands on exercise that involves making a circular, “O” grip around the penis. Starting with your hand closest to the pubic area and with your penis about half erect. You are supposed to apply a “moderate” amount of pressure from your hand and pull your hand forward toward your glans, or “head” of the penis. You can search on your own online to find better descriptions of how to perform this technique. Here is one example resource for how to jelq.  Despite claims online of the “ancient Arabic” origin of this method, I have never been able to find actual conclusive proof outside of anecdotes that it has an “ancient Arabic” origin. Most likely, the origin is based in internet marketing and the “ancient Arabic” part is just marketing jargon designed to give the marketing some sort of credibility.

Does jelqing cause an increase in penis size like penis stretchers do?

Many claim it does. Is there proof of these claims? I’ve never seen any. I don’t personally suggest jelquing due to the unpredictable, and completely uncontrolled nature of the method. It also seems to be one of the leading causes of penis injury reported in penis enlargement communities online. Here’s one incredibly long list of posts containing injury reports from jelqing. 

When I say proceed with caution, or avoid jelqing altogether, I don’t say so lightly. You have been warned.


Penis Stretching with a Penis Stretcher

Finally! The in my opinion, best all around method for permanent penis size increase. Penis stretching with a penis stretcher can of course be done in different ways, but the best way in my experience, is to do so with what I call a compression penis weight hanger. Let’s get into the meat and potatoes per se first. How does penis streching work? What’s actually going on when you stretch the penis and you eventually see an increase in size? If you do a bit of looking around online, you’ll find some answers. However, most of them seem derived from what is often coined “bro science”, because it sounds mostly anedotal rather than factual. You will sometimes see it claimed for example, “penis stretching is like how you see those tribal women stretching their necks bro”. No, it’s nothing like “stretching a neck”. First of all, those tribal women often cited as “proof” of penis stretching working are not actually stretching their necks.

Neck rings push the clavicle and ribs down. The neck stretching is mostly illusory: the weight of the rings twists the collarbone and eventually the upper ribs at an angle 45 degrees lower than what is natural, causing the illusion of an elongated neck. Honestly, in my opinion it’s cruel and mutilation as it’s not something that can be undone and after the bones are forced past a certain point, the rings must always be worn to provide support for the head. Here’s an article from for further reading. 

Another “bro science” analogy often used online is along the lines of “penis stretching works by tearing down cells in the penis and then they heal bigger bro”. You may also see it said that there’s “growth of new tissue” from penis stretching. While these both sound like they make sense, neither are acurate. First, these claims make it sound like the penis is similar to muscles in the body. After all, bro it’s often referred to as your “love muscle”right?

The penis contains very little muscle tissue. The muscle tissue it does contain, is smooth muscle. Smooth muscle is what makes up most of the internal organs and blood vessels. Relaxation of the smooth muscle and blood vessels in the penis is the main mechanism involved in getting an erection. Unlike skeletal muscle, the smooth muscle tissue in the penis does not usually forcefully contract, or respond to stimulus by increasing its cell volume in the same ways skeletal muscle does. Smooth muscle can be stretched with repeated traction, or in other words, stretching force applied to it. This has been documented in a few different studies for penis stretchers. Once penis stretcher study is here. 

Penis stretching with a penis stretcher is much more like “gauging” or stretching earlobes. The bottom line here, if you haven’t realized it by this point? If you want to get a bigger penis, avoid the pills, creams, dangerous and unpredictable hand exercises like jelqing, and get yourself a quality penis stretcher like Malehanger. Malehanger is designed by ME, Ben Clark. I designed Malehanger based on my personal experiences with different methods including penis weight hanging with similar, yet less refined products. Malehanger comes with my unconditional support, which includes a step by step how to guide with step by step pictures and videos. You also get access to my live support chat where myself as well as many others from around the world are sharing their experiences using Malehanger.

Another thing that sets me and Malehanger apart from the rest is that I also USE Malehanger in my own continuing penis stretching journey. I’ve always been a big believer in “walking the walk” and that’s why I use my own product. It also gives me an advantage when working with my customers because I can advise them based on actual first hand experience.

Thanks for reading and I hope you got something useful from this article.

Ben Clark – CEO – MHME INC

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