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With a Malehanger penis extender, you can get a bigger penis, stronger erections, and improved confidence. Malehanger works like a penis extender, slowly stretching the tissues of your penis and connective ligaments past their natural limits, causing natural penis enlargement. As a bonus feature, unlike most penis extender devices, Malehanger is more user friendly because you can use weights or our Power Bands (see shop). If you’re serious about getting bigger, shop with us today! Plus, we ALWAYS use discreet packaging!

Starting at ONLY $55 + Shipping.

We also offer PayPal “Pay in 4”! (Where Available)     

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Go to our CEO’s Personal progress log here                       

(NOTE: NSFW – 18+)


Malehanger Introduction And Explanation Of Basic Use Video

Tired Of Having Less Size Than You Deserve?

The Malehanger penis extender has been sold online since 2012 to thousands around the world. Whether you are circumcised, or uncircumcised, you can use Malehanger. Widely recognized on some of the largest reddit  groups as the “go to” device of its kind. Malehanger penis extender helps make your penis bigger through tissue traction and by stretching your penis in a slow, controlled manner. GOOGLE SEARCH “Penis extender studies” and look at how penis extenders have been PROVEN to work in several studies! We understand the need to keep your purchase private, so we always use discreet packaging for customers. Start getting some new size with Malehanger!

You are here because you want more size. Now Take ACTION! 

Start Getting Bigger For As Little As $16 (With PayPal “Pay in 4” where available)


What Can Malehanger Do For You?

Why Choose Malehanger?

Malehanger penis extender provides effective penis enlargement results. See for yourself by doing a quick Google Search for “Malehanger reddit” or “Malehanger results”. You can also visit my NSFW link above where I document in measured pictures and videos my own journey with Malehanger. 


Malehanger Produces Results

With the Malehangerpenis extender, you get to see the results you’ve always wanted! Most customers begin to notice an increase in size or better erection strength within a few months.

Again, don’t just take MY word for it. Google search all the reviews. Hop on reddit and search Malehanger. People LOVE Malehanger because it delivers results! 

Malehanger Comes With Actual Support

 Malehangerpenis extender comes with a QR code on each device for easy access to our detailed “How To” guide with step by step pictures and videos. All customer support is done by Ben the owner, not a random stranger who knows nothing about Malehanger, or a scripted bot. 


Malehanger is a veteran-owned business that began in 2012. We have streamlined and evolved our product since then, and have first-hand knowledge about its design and how to use it for the best results possible.


Get bigger with help from Malehanger

Penis Extender!

If you think your erections aren’t as hard as they used to be or feel insecure about your size, Malehanger penis extender can help! The Malehanger penis extender is the perfect solution for natural penis enlargement.

Malehanger penis extender can be used by almost anyone*. You do not need previous experience with penis enlargement. It does not matter if you are circumcised, or uncircumcised. Malehanger penis extender comes with a QR code on each device to access our step-by-step guide with pictures and videos, giving you the guidance you need. Buy the Malehanger penis extender today and start getting results! 

Start Getting Bigger For As Little As $16 (With PayPal “Pay In 4” where available)

*Malehanger requires a minimum visible erect penis length (measured over the top of the erect penis) of 4 to 5 inches. 


DISCLAIMER: Malehanger devices and accessories are NOVELTY products for recreational adult use ONLY. They are not medical devices, nor have they been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. Recommended to discontinue all other penis enlargement exercises while using Malehanger. CLICK HERE TO READ ALL WARNINGS

Customer Reviews

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