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Progressive Penis Weight Hanging Gain More Size In Less Time with Penis Weight Hanging

(The Ultimate Breakdown for Penis Weight Hanging! Updated 2020)


Many men get into penis weight hanging and using a penis hanger with preset notions. I guess you could say the same for men who approach other types of penis enlargement as well. Things have been done a certain way for a certain time, so that must be the only way to do them. Many men see results approaching penis weight hanging with a penis hanger the way the men before them have done it. However, a great number of men simply, do not. The old standby per se is get yourself a penis weight hanger and learn how to wrap. Once you figure out the basics of wrapping and penis hanger fit, your next task is adapting your penis to the weights. Most of us agree on the “low and slow” approach to penis weight hanging progression.


It is usually advised to start with one to two pounds for a beginner’s weight regardless of past penis enlargement experience. Penis weight hanging is after all, a “new beast”. Most penis hanger devices like Malehanger grip the penis quite differently than a hand can, placing more pressure on usually a much smaller area. One thing this does is make the amount of weight used in penis weight hanging seem heavier than it is. Most men eventually figure out how to make decent progress on the penis weight hanging levels they use. They add a pound or two per week for their first month or two. Then, the focus tends to (for whatever the reason) shift away from continuing to force re-adaptation of the penis to a focus on sticking with the current weight they have worked so hard to get to, and penis weight hanging much more time with it.


Many men buy a device like Malehanger and then work up to penis weight hanging six or more sets of 15-20 minutes per day, five days per week, and all with the same weight. Lowering the weight a little as needed when fatigue hits. However, when the following week rolls around again, it’s back to that same weight from the week before. I have met men who are penis weight hanging upwards of twelve or more sets per day. They work from home usually and have the time to do this much penis weight hanging. Some of these men make very good gains with this approach. However, you have to ask yourself a simple question. The question that comes to my mind is “Who can really do this much penis weight hanging per day???” For most men, the answer is “not me!”. Not only that, but I do not care how much you multitask while you are penis weight hanging, but eventually it gets old fast and penis enlargement, regardless of the type you engage in is not supposed to consume your life.


I think it is time that many of us take another look at what we are doing with our penis weight hanging routines. Have your gains come to a halt, or has it been more than a couple months since you have made a gain that you can actually measure? Do you find yourself penis weight hanging more than three days in a row within the same week before you hit fatigue and have to lower your hanging weight? I would like to introduce you to a concept called “progressive penis weight hanging”. The basic idea behind progressive penis weight hanging is very simple. If you are using a weight level that does not give you fatigue to the point that you need to lower your weight by the second day of each week you are not using enough weight and need to add one or two pounds to your current weight. You continue to add one or two pounds until you find that weight level that requires the weight reduction by the second day of each week.


(Please Note, This Method Is Based On My First Hand Experience And Coaching Thousands Of Other Men Since 2012 And Is Designed To Work BEST With Malehanger)


A quick example of what this routine would look like using some EXAMPLE weight levels:


(You WILL Start With Much Lower Weights In The Beginning! A POUND or TWO)


Monday: 15lbs, hung 3 sets, 15 minutes each


Tuesday: 15lbs, hung 2 sets, 15 minutes each. Had to drop to 13lbs to hang the third set.


Wednesday: 15lbs, only managed 1 set, dropped to 13lbs for 1 set, 12lbs for the third.


Thursday: 15lbs could not be done, too much tissue fatigue. Managed 13lbs for two sets, 12lbs for the third.


Friday: 13lbs for one set, 12lbs for 1, 10lbs for third.


Took Saturday/Sunday off.


Monday start over with 15lbs.


So, using this approach, you start each week attempting to hang the weight you started the previous week with. You continue to shoot for a required weight reduction on the second day of each week. If you do not need to reduce your weight on day two, add first one pound, test that new weight and if you can hang it, try two pounds. Try to hang as much as you can that day with the new weight. If you are able to hang all three sets with the new weight, add another pound or two on the following day. Eventually, you will find the new weight level that will cause you to hit fatigue and require a weight reduction to finish your sets. You will notice, this approach focuses on three sets per day. I feel that with the progressive penis weight hanging approach three sets is plenty of time per day. That is mainly because, you are now focusing on reaching fatigue and forcing your penis to re-adapt every time it gets used to the weight level you are using.


Now, from my experience, a time does eventually come when you are not adding more weight every week. Sometimes, it’s only once a month. When your weight progression slows, this is likely because the fatigue is being maintained for a longer period of time with your heaviest weight. You are still finding yourself having to reduce weight as before, but each week the reduction is still happening around the same day and similar set number. Believe it or not, this is not the time to adopt the “I’ve arrived” mentality. You will eventually stop seeing new gains. This is when you start getting creative and doing things like forcing a little extra fatigue. How do you do that? Very simple. On the first day of the week, go ahead and add a pound to your heaviest weight that you start your week with. Hang your sets for the day and use that same weight (+1lb) on the next day. If you are able to hang more than your first set with that new weight, you know what you need to do. Add another pound.


I’m not saying this is the “end all, be all” approach to penis weight hanging by the way. However, it has worked over the last several years for me and the men I share it with.



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