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Hello everyone! Every so often, we get a Malehanger customer review from a customer and those are always great! It’s also nice when someone like my man “BD” from the reddit sub r/gettingbigger does an unbiased review that’s based on his personal experiences. As he says in the above video, he was sent his Malehanger at no cost.

Let’s Do A Breakdown Of His Malehanger Customer Review!


So, first of all this is a great review overall. I agree with most of the points BD makes and I’m humble enough to admit my product (as with most) is not perfect. So, where he does point out some things he doesn’t like or care for about Malehanger, I’m ok with that. I always welcome customer feedback and honestly, I will sometimes use that feedback to further improve the design. Nobody should ever feel “bad” about pointing out things they don’t like about a product.

Discomfort Mentioned

It is correct that early on as you get used to using Malehanger correctly, you will find it a bit uncomfortable. Let’s get a reality check here on that point. What are you attempting to do to your penis? Permanently enlarge it without surgery, right? Right! NO penis enlargement method that forces the penis to stretch past it’s normal erect size is going to be a 100% comfortable, “cake walk” experience.

Similar to taking on the decision to begin lifting weights to improve your body composition. You’re not going to develop a “Greek God” body with zero discomfort along the way. There’s going to be a lot of sweat, heavy breathing, sore muscles, dietary changes, etc. With penis enlargement, most of the focus is of course, on your penis. Many just getting started with penis enlargement only see their penis as a source of pleasurable sensations. SO, when you begin this adventure to make your penis bigger, it can be a difficult lifestyle addition to fully embrace. That’s where I come in to help guide you through things and helping you to understand concepts like proper use, getting use to this or that sensation that’s a normal part of the process and so on.

Time Limitation Mentioned

As BD goes on to mention, yes 20 minutes at a time is the suggested wear time per “set” with Malehanger. This is because wearing a device like this can restrict (but does not fully cut off) blood flow in the area of the penis that it grips onto as well as in the areas of the penis forward of the device. There’s nothing that can be done to avoid that with a device like this. Sure, you could use a vacuum weight hanger device, but then you run the risk of things like blisters on your glans from the vacuum once you start to progress in weight. This is due to the fact that the vacuum cup already has a given amount of vacuum in it, and when you add weight to the front of the cup, that vacuum increases and continues to increase as you go up in weight.

BIB Hanger And Material Of Malehanger Mentioned

BD mentions the “BIB” hanger. This product was in fact the original design inspiration for Malehanger. As often happens in other industries, another brand comes along and improves upon another product. I began using the BIB hanger many years ago, but always felt like it lacked in its ability to grip the penis as securely as it could. It was also made by someone who, to put it nicely was not always open to new ideas or suggestions. It was “my way or the highway” with him. Fast forward to me designing Malehanger. I improved the grip, the build material and the customer support.

Wrapping And Girth Band Mentioned

BD gets it close. He was likely just having a lapse per se and forgot the order of wrapping I suggest. You actually want to use soft cloth on your penis first, then wrap over that with the provided with your Malehanger self adhesive wrap. This is the more comfortable way to wrap. If you are going to use a silicone sleeve or “girth band” as he shows, be advised that my wrapping suggestions in the Malehanger guide will need to be modified accordingly. I always encourage my customers to try my suggestions in my guide first, then experiment on their own to see what works best for them.
Over 5 Inches To Use Malehanger
Ok, this is not correct and that’s ok. He’s speaking from his perspective. In my personal experiences working with customers, anyone with at least 4 inches of visible stretched out, flaccid penis length can use Malehanger. You fit the device to your penis with the aforementioned wrapping, or sleeve and wrap. Of course, if you are smaller than that in the beginning, yes a vacuum device or very careful manual stretching (with your hands) can be done to help.

Tightly Circumcised Guys Mentioned

I disagree here again, based on my experiences. I myself was tightly circumcised when I first began compression weight hanging with my “BIB” hanger. Yes, the skin was tight and it made hanging more uncomfortable in the beginning. However, I started with a low weight. I was able to loosen up that tight skin as I did my weight hanging and within a couple of months, hanging became less comfortable. I always suggest a new user starts with no more than 1 or 2 pounds and slowly progresses from there.

Again, great review overall and I appreciate honest feedback!

Thanks for reading!


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