Terms and Conditions

DISCLAIMER: Malehanger™ devices and accessories are NOVELTY products for recreational adult use ONLY. They are not medical devices, nor have they been evaluated or approved by the United State Food and Drug Administration. By purchasing Malehanger devices, you commit nonverbally to an agreement that you will not hold MHME, Inc. accountable for any injuries which may result from improper use of Malehanger devices or accessories. MHME, Inc. offers no guarantees on the “complete” safety of Malehanger devices and accessories, nor their efficacy. All liability and due diligence is the liability of the customer/user. Please read all warnings listed below.



  • Do not use Malehanger or the silicone sleeve while sleeping or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as it may lead to long term injury.
  • If you have symptoms of erectile dysfunction, i.e., inability to achieve an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse, consult your physician prior to using this device to avoid a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing any of the most common causes of this condition, such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic renal failure, or alcoholism.
  • If you have any other existing penile issues, such as Peyronie’s, please consult your physician prior to using this device to avoid any potential injury.
  • Do not use the Malehanger and accessories if you have decreased sensation of pain in the area of the penis.
  • Do not use the Malehanger and accessories if you have decreased hand strength because this may make removal of the device or accessory difficult.
  • Malehanger and accessories are ONLY intended for use by individuals 18 years of age and older.
  • Only use Malehanger and accessories as instructed in the “How To Guide” (accessible by the QR code found on the device after purchase).
  • Users are advised to consult a physician if any complications occur and discontinue the use of the Malehanger and accessories if complications continue.

    RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED! Like any weight training/exercise, results are contingent upon proper use and consistency. Failure to follow the “How To Guide” (accessed via QR code on the device), may result in injury and less than optimal results. 

    Malehanger comes with a limited ONE-YEAR GUARANTEE on quality and design. If your Malehanger breaks or cracks during this time, we will replace it, all we ask is that you pay shipping costs. If you experience any stripping of the bolts, we provide detailed instructions in the How to Guide on how to easily replace those. We do not offer warranties on the accessories (Powerbands, Weight Loading Strap).

    That being said, Malehanger and all accessories are always sold in new condition. We do not sell used devices or accessories. As with any adult novelty sold responsibly, and to keep our customers safe, we do not accept returns.

    RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED: Due to the nature of our products and the area in which they come in contact with the body, we are unable to accept returns. Please reach out to us at and allow us to help you start seeing results!

    LOST IN TRANSIT OR STOLEN PACKAGES – we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Tracking is the responsibility of the customer as we do not have the resources to track each and every order. Please file a claim with the carrier if your package is lost or stolen. Once shipping is paid to the carrier, WE CANNOT GET IT BACK. The customer will have to file a claim with the carrier to recoup this. 

    Shipping costs are paid to the shipping carrier by the fulfillment center and we do not receive that money back if your package is undeliverable, returned, or refused. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS BEFORE FINALIZING YOUR ORDER AND MONITOR YOUR TRACKING! ALL RETURNED SHIPMENTS WILL REQUIRE REPAYMENT OF SHIPPING. IF A FREE SHIPPING PROMOTION IS IN EFFECT, RESHIPMENT WILL STILL HAVE A COST!




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