How Penis Stretching Works And Example Penis Stretching Routine


With all the questions being asked these days online related to penis stretching and penis stretchers, “how does penis stretching work?” is one of the most popular. In this post I’m going to elaborate on this subject, possibly rant a bit, and drop some links and citations! Woo-hoo! Let’s dig in!

First, penis stretching can be done in a few different ways:

You Can Use Your Hands.

This involves grabbing your penis by the “head”, or glans and stretching your penis in multiple directions with “a light pull” as it’s often described on penis enlargement forums and Reddit groups. The main issue with stretching with your hands, or also known as “manual penis stretching”, is that you have absolutely NO way of knowing how hard you are pulling when you stretch your penis with your hands. With one penis stretch you may pull with a few pounds of resistance and the very next penis stretch, you might literally pull with 20 or more pounds. It’s all guesswork and that is very dangerous.  I don’t know about you, but I like my penis and do not like the idea of guessing when I stretch my penis. Many people get injured this way and it’s very well documented in the online penis enlargement community. Here’s one Google search showing MANY injury reports that go on for pages of search results. 

You Can Use A Penis Stretcher.

penis stretcher for penis stretching

These are also often called “penis extenders”. Similar to the device shown above, most penis stretchers sold online use an adjustable rod system and a strap of sorts to fasten to the glans of the penis and stretch your penis. The rods are on the sides of your penis when the penis stretcher is worn. These rods screw outward away from your body a bit to provide varying levels of a stretch. It’s claimed that some of these penis stretcher devices can apply up to a few pounds of stretching resistance to the penis. However, most penis stretchers like this have no way to measure the resistance. They usually come with very little if any instructions, or support.

So, similar to penis stretching with your hands, you have a high risk potential for injury.

I DO admit, this type of penis stretcher happens to be the one cited in the studies referenced online when people refer to penis stretchers being shown to work in studies. These studies of course, show that all penis stretching works when applied with enough consistency and in a guided manner.

You Can Use A Penis Stretcher With Weights.

One of my favorite quotes, admittedly related to building muscle, but somewhat relevant:

“The Iron never lies to you. You can walk outside and listen to all kinds of talk, get told that you’re a god or a total bastard. The Iron will always kick you the real deal. The Iron is the great reference point, the all-knowing perspective giver. Always there like a beacon in the pitch black. I have found the Iron to be my greatest friend. It never freaks out on me, never runs. Friends may come and go. But two hundred pounds is always two hundred pounds.“

—  Henry Rollins


As I have mentioned above and elsewhere when I speak on the subject of penis stretching, the main reason I believe penis stretching with weights to be superior to the other methods is the fact that you always know the exact resistance you are using.

The following is in fact my original intellectual property taken from my own Malehanger How To Guide. For even more information on penis weight hanging and purchasing Malehanger, see our site, or any of the links related to Malehanger you see in this posting below.



How To Hang Weights From Your Penis and Example Penis Stretching With Weight Routine With Malehanger:

First, penis stretching with weight is a very simple concept that has actually existed practically, since mankind has had a penis. The first methods for penis stretching with weight  involved using rocks and vines braided into ropes to attach the rocks to the penis.

People would hang these rocks from their penises and over time, their penises would get larger. Of course, this is not the safest method for penis stretching with weight. Thank goodness
for modern advances and devices such as 

The main thing to understand about penis stretching with weight is that you are stretching the tissues of your penis. The goal being to stretch these tissues as close to daily as possible.
Eventually, forcing these tissues to stretch beyond the “point of no return”. This is a concept that is well known in the body piercing community. Many of you have seen
people with their earlobes stretched to very large sizes. Once an earlobe is stretched beyond a certain point, only corrective surgery will return it to anywhere near the size it used to be. This is a very simplified explanation of what you are doing with penis weight hanging, or stretching your penis with weights.

Penis stretching with weight will not always be completely comfortable. In fact, there will be many times over the course of your penis stretching  “career” that you will experience quite a bit of discomfort. This needs to be understood from the beginning. Many people only associate their penis with pleasure. Now that you are penis stretching with weight and committed
to a larger penis, you must learn to accept some feelings of discomfort from your penis. There is a big difference between discomfort and pain. At no time should you
ever feel pain while penis stretching with your Malehanger.

During your first few weeks of penis stretching with weight, you will be adapting your penis to the new sensations associated with this method of enlargement. You will probably not see any size increases for at least 1-2 months. This is because, you are getting your penis used to penis stretching and also fine-tuning your technique. If you follow the examples outlined here, you will see size increases and over time, be able to gain the size you desire.

I cannot tell you “when” you will gain, but you will. There is simply no way to predict when you will gain. It IS known that penis stretching with weight works. All penises are basically the same from a physiological standpoint. Therefore, all of us have a similar potential to increase our penis size. The main limiting factor is the persons approach and technique. That is where Malehanger, and the information in this article come in.

Your first few weeks of penis stretching with weight, you will be memorizing how to wrap, place your hanger and adapting your penis to the new sensations associated with penis stretching with weight.
This is not a race! Do not expect any size increases during this time. However, you may see some increases regardless. If you do, congratulations! A total of 20-40 minutes of hang time
per day is all you need during your first few weeks of penis stretching with weights. After this
introductory period try to hang at least one more 20 minute set daily and go from there as your daily schedule allows. You don’t need to hang every set back to back.

(Example Penis Stretching Routine)

(Please get into the habit from day one of squatting down toward your weights to attach them to Malehanger.)


Assuming your week starts on Monday, you will begin as shown with 2.5lbs. The idea is to stretch your penis each day of the week with the same weight level. This should not be a problem at this point with this weight level. The sensation of penis stretching with weight at first, will feel unusual, but comfortable. Again, the first few weeks your goal is not a big increase in weight. Rather, getting used to how you will be doing everything.

Monday: 2.5lbs one set 20 minutes.
Tuesday: 2.5lbs one set 20 minutes.
Wednesday: 2.5lbs one set 20 minutes.
Thursday: 2.5lbs one set 20 minutes.
Friday: 2.5lbs one set 20 minutes.

This is how you will do your first two weeks. Take the weekend off if you want to. If you feel like hanging on the weekend and your life permits it, there is no harm in doing so. One of the great things about the Malehanger program is convenience! It takes so little time to do your penis weight hanging, there is never an excuse to not hang.

Weeks three and four, you will up your weight to 4lbs.

On Monday of the third week start with 4lbs. The goal again, is penis stretching all week with the same weight. As you continue to move up in weight you will have days where you
have to hang with a little less weight. That is normal. Repeat the above example using 4lbs each day of the week. Hang the same way again throughout your fourth week.

On Monday of week five, it’s time for another weight increase. You will now move up to 5lbs. This is likely the first week you may face a little difficulty in making it through the entire week with the same weight. This is good. This means your penis is losing
the adaptation battle. In other words, the penis stretching with weight is beginning to work. The tissues are stretching and you are beginning to cause what we will call tissue fatigue. I will give an example below of how a week like this might look and then offer a solution.

Monday: 5lbs, 20 minutes
Tuesday: 5lbs, 20 minutes
Wednesday: 5lbs, made it through 15 minutes then had to lower the weight to 4lbs.
Thursday: Attempted 5lbs, had too much discomfort in penis, felt like I had to hang 4lbs. Used 4lbs for 20 minutes.
Friday: Assumed 5lbs would be too heavy based on yesterday, used 4lbs for 20 minutes.

In the above example the person is most likely encountering a common issue which is attachment point soreness, or discomfort. The area on their penis where they attach their
hanger is slightly tender and it makes them feel like they need to hang with less weight.
They are using less weight than they could be and if they were to continue to keep this mentality with their penis stretching routine over time as they continued to move up in weight, they
could be cheating themself of better gain potential. Why? They are not penis stretching with weight as heavy as they could be. They are also lowering their weight sooner than they need to.

What is the solution? A very simple one which my friend (and customer) Dave shared with me a while back. In his honor I am calling this “Dave’s Technique”.

Going back to the above example, on Thursday when the man felt like 5lbs was too heavy, what they should have done was go ahead and hang the first 5 minutes of their set with the more comfortable 4lbs. Then, at the 5 minute mark, they will use their hand to keep forward tension on their hanger, remove the weight continuing to keep forward tension on their hanger, add ONE pound back to their weight and reattach the weights. (People using a slipknot/cord on your weight plates will find it easier to have separate cords on each weight plate when using Dave’s Technique.

They should now find it much more comfortable to hang 5lbs, their current heaviest weight.

The best explanation we have for why this technique works so well is that the hanger sort of ‘warms up’ the attachment point of the penis. It’s temporary of course. Keeping forward tension on the hanger tricks your penis into believing you are still hanging your set. When you add the weight back on, you have snuck on the extra weight.
That is honestly the best way I know how to explain why this technique works. You will find this technique very useful over the course of your hanging career especially as you continue to advance in weight.

An example of using Dave’s Technique:

Monday: 5lbs, 20 minutes
Tuesday: 4lbs, 5 minutes, 5lbs 15 minutes
Wednesday: 4lbs 5 minutes, 5lbs 15 minutes
Thursday: 4lbs 5 minutes, 5lbs 15 minutes
Friday: 4lbs 5 minutes, 5lbs 15 minutes

This is a much better week overall. Rather than having to hang at a lower weight their last two days of the week, they were able to hang their heaviest weight all week. This
equates to a much better overall stretch and better gain potential as they progress over time.

When to move up in weight?

Basically, after week 5, you want to move up in weight every week you can by 1 to 2.5lbs.
Any time you have trouble moving up in weight, use Dave’s Technique. For
example, it’s Monday on week 6 and you are going to attempt 6lbs. You squat down, attach the 6lbs, and slowly squat up. The weight feels too heavy. No problem. Do as above keeping forward tension on your hanger. Remove the weight. Lower the weight to your previous heaviest weight 5lbs. Reattach the weight, hang your first 5 minutes with that weight. After 5 minutes, keep forward tension on your hanger.
Remove the 5lbs, add 1lbs and reattach the 6lbs.

You should now find yourself able to hang the next 15 minutes with 6lbs. Using the above example routine, hang the rest of your week. You can continue to make progress this way.

Every person is a little different. Some weeks you will not be able to keep moving up in weight and that is normal. The heavier in weight you move up to, the slower your progress will become. You should be able to move up again when you can hang an entire week with your heavy weight after your first 5 minutes with the slightly lower weight.

Note: Never use over 5lbs less weight than your heaviest weight. If you do, you are basically moving backwards and the jump from the lower weight to the heavier weight will feel too overwhelming.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you got a lot out of this post!

Ben Clark – CEO – MHME INC


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