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Hello everyone and thanks for reading! Welcome to another blog post from Ben, owner of Malehanger.

In this post, I’m discussing why I have the worlds strongest penis and I also ‘name drop’ the worlds biggest penis several times. Thanks for reading. 

I don’t have the worlds biggest penis, but I do have the worlds strongest penis.

The worlds biggest penis already belongs to Jonah Falcon. Major respect, as he seems to have been documented as legit. Even though I have not personally seen this documentation. Of course, some will argue “seeing is believing”.

This is a big reason, I’d argue my number one reason that I have always done my best when it comes to documenting my own penis size increase claims. I do this every time I make a new penis size gain. Whether it be in new penis length, or in new penis girth I measure the increase in a new video. 

Why do I feel like I have the worlds strongest penis?


So, what makes me believe I have “the worlds strongest penis”? Well, it’s not just my bigger than average penis size which I have developed thanks to using my own penis extender and penis weight hanger product Malehanger.

Having a bigger penis does not necessarily make it stronger than a smaller penis. I say I have the worlds strongest penis because I am the only guy I have seen who can hang as much weight from my penis as I can. I can currently hang 40 pounds from my penis. Yes, you read that right, 40 pounds. “Damn, that’s some heavy ass weight!” 

I have in fact, mentioned being able to do so at least a few times in recent interviews, if you happen to keep up with me online. Notably, I mentioned this during my interview on the podcast “Other Peoples’ Lives”. That episode is titled “I Help Men Grow Their Penises For A Living”. (Watch That Episode Via The Link) As you can imagine, both hosts were quite surprised. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about being able to hang 40 pounds from my penis to brag, or even to “promote” hanging such heavy weights from your penis as something everyone should do.

“Are you crazy Ben?” “What are you trying to do here?”

No, I’m not crazy. I’m not trying to suggest anyone follow in my footsteps so to speak. In fact, I teach a very slow, safe approach to penis enlargement via penis weight hanging. Any of my countless customers will tell you that I do. I’m just saying I feel like I have the worlds strongest penis. I have been around the online penis enlargement community since around 1999 and I have seen others claim to use similar weight levels, but I have never seen it proven with what I would consider a credible picture, or better yet, a video. 

Anyone who would like to step forward and try to prove me wrong, please do. I am an open minded guy and willing to change my mind when I am presented with new ideas, or evidence which contradict my own. This is not a “dick shaking contest”, or a challenge for someone who is not physically conditioned in their penis and ligaments to act irrationally and potentially, permanently injure himself.

I am very much opposed to that sort of behavior. For now however, I will claim the title of having the worlds strongest penis until a worthy successor steps forward and proves himself. Keep in mind, as the weeks progress, so do I in my abilities.

Now I can already hear trolls yelling from the distance, “but BEN…what about those monks….those guys who do that thing….what’s it called???”

Yes, I AM aware of “those guys” who practice what you are thinking of. It’s called “Qui Gong”, a sexual “chi” focused offshoot of Kung Fu. These guys however suspend the weights (while impressive and higher at times than I use) via a length of soft cloth wrapped around the entire “package”, aka the entire base of the penis AND testicles. I have also seen it speculated that the cloth is also wrapped around the waist. Of course, this cannot be confirmed because this is a guarded practice so to speak and these participants in this “Qui Gong” are usually wearing a robe covering most of the lower body and therefor obscuring the view of how the weights are actually supported.

That makes a HUGE difference if the weights are not supported by the penis, but rather are supported by the penis and testicles together….or if most of the weight is actually supported around the waist.  

I however, support the weight that I hang directly on my penis via my penis extender and penis weight hanging device Malehanger. No tricks up my sleeve! 


So, where’s the so called proof right? Is this another one of those “click bait” articles?


I’m glad you asked! My proof of myself being able to hang 40 pounds (my current max) is in the NSFW (Not Work Safe, Contains Penis Nudity) video below. 

Me Hanging 40 Pounds With Malehanger Penis Extender And Penis Weight Hanger

I guess we can also call this a testament to the build quality and strength of my product Malehanger

Thanks again for stopping by and reading this post! Until next time!

Ben – CEO/Owner Malehanger


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