why isn't penis enlargement more common?

It’s 2022, Why Isn’t Penis Enlargement More Common?

We know what you’re thinking, “It’s 2022, why isn’t penis enlargement more common if it actually works?”. First of all, no man wants to admit that their unit is less than adequate in size, let alone provide testimonial to the fact even if they have success in it. The only exception to this rule are those with abnormally large penises that are almost frightening to look at and are usually found in the porn industry (you know, the ones who show it off at every opportunity?). Mother nature, God, the Sun, Moon, whatever you believe has gifted us with the details of our bodies sometimes leaves us wanting for more, whether it be larger breasts, butts, hair, whatever. It is perfectly normal and acceptable for a woman to want larger breasts and walk into a cosmetic surgery clinic and say, “Hey! I want larger breasts!”. They usually get a response along the lines of “How big do you want? What is your budget?”. Same goes for your butt and hair. It’s all a matter of budget and how large or long you want.

What happens when a man says, “I want a bigger penis!”?

This is were the “second” point comes into play. Even if men were to say those words, typically they are met with, “You would have to have surgery for that! There is no magic pill! It’s all about how you use it!”. Just as many women face double standards in their lives, men do as well, the issue of the size of his penis being one of them. Yes, surgery does exist to increase the size and function of the penis, but what you may find, as many have in their research, is that more often than not, the side affect of surgery on the penis is that it is likely to no longer function the way it should and if healing does not occur properly, it could end up looking unsightly.

You’re actually going to tell me medical professionals caution against weight hanging? Isn’t that contradictory to your business?

We are all about transparency! Read what the Cleveland Clinic says about Penis Enlargement Surgery here. You will see that they caution against many non-surgical ways to enlarge your penis, including weight hanging, as they should because if not done properly, you can injure your penis and it also doesn’t put money in their pockets, unless you injure yourself. You are also told that you drive at your own risk and ride rollercoasters at your own risk. The key here is proper use and not using when you are experiencing certain ailments. Similarly, when you go to a fitness facility or gym you are cautioned that you use their equipment or techniques at your own risk and if you do not use the equipment properly or do the technique correctly, you will get injured.

No pain, no gain… we don’t mean hurt yourself, we mean READ AND BE CONSISTENT!

This leads me to a final point. I’m sure when you were searching for ways to enhance your penis, you probably saw equal parts of “it works” and “it doesn’t work”, am I right? Well that’s true and untrue all at the same time. Just like with the fitness center or gym previously mentioned. If you simply walk into the gym (or buy the hanger), you aren’t going to see any improvements or changes. The same holds true if you only go once a week or only lift 5 pounds every time you go. The hard, simple truth is, if you want to see results, you must be consistent on a regular basis and move up in weight over time. And just like with the gym or any other potentially harmful equipment or machinery, if you want to avoid injury and you want to achieve results, you must follow the instructions and go through the proper training (thoroughly reading the How To Guide when you receive your Malehanger – hint, hint).

We want you to succeed!

Here at Malehanger, our goal is to see (not necessarily visually) our customers succeed in their enlargement journey. From our personal experience, we know that enlargement can be achieved and can be done so safely. We look forward to helping you on your male enhancement journey. Here’s where to get started – Malehanger.com.

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