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So, we have all been there. You’re considering buying a product online, and you do some reading around about it. You search for that infamous phrase “review” of product X to help you make your buying decision. You read some reviews and go from there. It’s pretty simple, straight forward. Right? Maybe, maybe not. These days, many types of business have in fighting and competition and some product sellers will even go so far as to pay for people to post negative reviews about their competition. It’s called paid gaming of the system. It’s a sad truth, and it’s deceptive at best, but it does happen.

However at you don’t have to worry about any bogus Malehanger reviews either completely fabricated by myself, or Malehanger reviews that I have paid people to write just to make me and my product look better. My site software keeps track of my sales and then, 4 weeks after a customer makes a purchase, they are automatically emailed by my site (not me) a request for a Malehanger review. This keeps me out of the loop and keeps things honest. The Malehanger reviews you see on are therefor, legit.



As always, thanks for reading!

Ben – Owner 

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