Who IS Ben Clark of Malehanger pe hanger, the penis weight hanger device? I’m just a regular guy who randomly stumbled into the online penis enlargement community back in 1999. I honestly started my journey with this “stuff” after watching the Mark Wahlberg movie “Boogie Nights”. It’s a loosely based retelling of the story of porn star John Holmes’ porn career and later, his involvement in the “Wonderland Murders”. After watching the movie, I was curious to learn more about this guy John Holmes and mostly, was his penis really as big as it was claimed to be? Depending on who you asked, his penis was supposedly anywhere from 10-13 inches long when erect. Some of my online research led me to some penis enlargement related links and eventually to my first penis enlargement forum, or discussion site where the members were openly discussing making their penises bigger though exercises with their hands. Some of these men were even talking about hanging weights from their penises! I was instantly intrigued and joined the first forum I found. The rest as people say, is history. I eventually began experimenting with different penis enlargement exercises and after around 6 months, I had increased my penis size by around half an inch in erect length and the same in erect girth. 
I was HOOKED with a capital H! I later decided to try hanging weights from my penis because, it sounded from a logical perspective, like the best way to gain size. It was hands free and I could know exactly how much resistance I was actually applying to my penis and for exactly how much time. Over the course of around three years of total time, I made my penis two inches longer and a little over an inch bigger in girth, or thickness. Fast forward to August of 2012. I decided to take my experience with penis enlargement and penis weight hanging and create my own device which I named Malehanger. That’s my “bio” in a nutshell. Thanks for reading!

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