Jelqing Or Penis Weight Hanging. Which One Is Safer Or Superior?


One of the most frequently asked type of questions asked when it comes to penis enlargement and penis hanging is which is better this type of exercise or that type of exercise?

Maybe you found this by running a search for exactly that type of question. 
To be honest, penis hanging is in fact superior. Comparing penis weight hanging to jelquing at least. 

Today we will dive into this comparison specifically since there has been so much demand on the topic of…. Jelqing or Penis Weight Hanging.

Jelqing and penis hanging are actually in two completely different realms of the penis enlargement world. Jelqing is a girth exercise and penis weight hanging is used to increase penis length, with girth coming along for the ride.
Let’s go over each a little bit in detail and then discuss how they differ and then you can decide which sounds superior.

Penis Jelqing By Definition:
For a beginner, jelqing may be one of the best exercises to start with in order to get the penis in condition to start a serious Penis Enlargement routine. Jelqing focuses mainly on girth.
Think of jelqing as a beginner exercise for the guy who is just sticking his toe in the water so to speak. You’ve looked up some basic penis enlargement information out of curiosity, but you’re naturally skeptical and are not sure if this “stuff” really works, nor how much time you want to actually commit to it. 
For the more experienced guy, jelqing can be used for a good warm up, warm down or a supplemental exercise on an off day or when time is limited and equipment is not on hand such as on a vacation.
Anyone that is serious about penis enlargement and exercises who wants to invest his time most efficiently should look into something that maximizes his time and potential for growth. Just as someone who is serious about improving his physique would not join a gym and just goof off while he was there a few days a week. Rather, you would be focused on a direct training approach and possibly even seek out a personal trainer for guidance to maximize your time and efficiency. 

With penis jelqing, you have no idea how hard you should squeeze your penis, how hard to pull with each stroke, nor how long per day to actually exercise for. Most information about penis jelqing online is very vague at best. You often see terms such as “squeeze just firmly enough”, “use an 80% erection level”, “you should feel good expansion….” and so on. Again, no exact terminology, no real guidance, and the guess work is left up to the individual. Too much room for error and in other words, potentially wasted time due to doing things incorrectly. Worst of all, is the potential to injure your most prized possession. I don’t know about YOU, but I don’t like the sound of that!

Penis Weight Hanging In Comparison:

With penis weight hanging, you have a device such as MalehangerMalehanger is designed specifically for gripping the penis after using some wrapping material for fit to the device as well as improving comfort. You then attach a low level of weight to Malehanger (1-2 pounds early on) and hang for 15-20 minutes before taking a break for approximately 5 minutes before hanging again for another 15-20 minutes. 
Using proper penis weights that are accurate in weight and easily adjusted in small increments is crucial for a successful penis weight hanging routine. 
Penis weight hanging works on length primarily with girth coming along secondarily. 
Beginners usually start with one session 15-20  minutes per day. 
Malehanger also comes with a full, step by step how to guide which includes step by step pictures as well as instructional videos with your purchase. I am also available around the clock by email.

So, in conclusion, jelqing is all guess work with no real guidance on how to do it properly for best results. Penis weight hanging on the other hand, allows you to know exactly how much resistance you are using via exact weight levels, for exact amounts of time and perhaps best of all, your hands are free to do other things while you do it. 

Thanks for reading!

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