Where To Buy Quality Silicone Sleeves For Penis Extenders And Penis Weight Hanging

silicone sleeves for penis enlargement and penis weight hanging



If you have been looking for high quality silicone sleeves for penis enlargement and penis weight hanging, you can now buy them on our site! 

Developed by me, an experienced penis enlargement “guru”. I know, I know, I may sound a little too full of myself and these days, many people seem to be hyper sensitive to that type of personality, but when you know your stuff, you should be able to sound like it. It’s not like I’m saying “people tell me all the time Ben, you really know your stuff….” LOL

I have been around the online penis enlargement community since 1999. I have literally seen AND done just about any penis enlargement method you can think of, or find via a quick Google search. Manual (aka hand exercises) penis enlargement exercises, penis pumping with air, penis pumping with water to include using a Bathmate, penis extenders, vacuum penis weight hanging, compression penis weight hanging, “all day” stretcher setups of various types, etc, etc.

Using my knowledge from actual first hand experiences…vs just being another one of ‘those guys who sounds like he knows’, I have designed and brought to the market a handful of useful products over the years. First was my Malehanger device that I have sold since 2012. Next came my Penis Clamp device. Unfortunately, it did not sell as well as I had hoped it would and I no longer offer it. Now, I sell my own silicone sleeve for penis enlargement and penis weight hanging. As I describe in the video above, I developed my own sleeve based on personal experiences with the other offerings on the market. In other words, I used the cheap silicone sleeves from China based sites, those you can find on Ebay, as well as the better quality silicone sleeves from sellers like “Total Man” in Australia and “LG Hanger” in America.

The better quality silicone sleeves still left some things to be desired in my opinion. For one, while they are better than what you can usually buy online as far as overall quality goes, they still stretch out and eventually tear. They are also in my experiences too thick for use with compression weight hangers like our Malehanger. My best guess as to why these silicone sleeves are about 4mm thick compared to our 2mm thick silicone sleeves is because they are compensating for a lower material durability. A 2mm thick silicone sleeve in a lower quality material would stretch out and tear/rip much sooner than a thicker silicone sleeve will. Again, when you know, you know. Also, for their intended customer base, they won’t know any better anyway, right? Not to sound harsh, but that’s reality.

I have thoroughly tested our sleeves myself during my own daily penis weight hanging that I do with my own Malehanger. I did this in a few different materials before deciding on the material that our sleeves are made with. It is a high durability, high stretch, medical grade sleeve material well suited for use with penis weight hanger devices. This includes vacuum penis weight hanger devices.

Let’s do a quick price comparison “by the inch” of our silicone sleeves vs the two closest competitors mentioned above.

(All Prices Before Shipping)

Malehanger Silicone Sleeves, 10 Inch Long: $22.00 USD/$2.20 Per Inch

Total Man Silicone Sleeves, 6 Inch Long: $16.00 USD/$2.66 Per Inch

LG Hanger Silicone Sleeves, 8 Inch Long: $30.00 USD/$3.75 Per Inch (SAY WUUUUT???) 

So, thanks again for reading! Please watch the video above and check out our silicone sleeves! 

Ben – Owner, CEO

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