So, you have decided you are ready to start; or at least curious enough to explore the concept of making your penis bigger. You have probably heard of stretching your penis and have done a few internet searches on the subject. If you look around enough, you will eventually find people discussing “more advanced” techniques like penis weight hanging. Is penis weight hanging really so “advanced”? Is penis stretching with your hands really the “best” way to make your penis longer? Is penis stretching with your hands potentially MORE dangerous than penis weight hanging? Let’s look at the facts and then, I will leave you to make your own decisions.


First, let’s take into account the reality that I have been around the online penis enlargement community, or ”world” since 1999. So, when I speak on the subject, I’m not just regurgitating some information that may or may not be based in fact. I have not simply read a bunch of posts on some men’s health forum and decided to call myself a guru. I have literally practiced what I preach and also helped more men than I can count over the years see similar results to what I have seen. As of April of 2020, I have increased the length of my penis two inches and the girth of my penis one inch. That was done over a collective time of around three years. I added the length with penis weight hanging and the girth through squeeze exercises and a technique called clamping. Subjectively, I have the equivalent of at LEAST ONE “masters degree” in knowledge on the subject. That said, let’s get to the facts.


Let’s talk about stretching your penis with your hands first. Also known as “manual stretching”. A technique of sorts that has been around since the very beginning of online penis enlargement. As it sounds, it uses just your hands. It is usually declared to be the best way for the new person to get started with penis enlargement. It is claimed to be safe, simple and you can do it whenever you get the notion to do so for a few moments. So, of course, it sounds convenient as well. You don’t need to pay anyone for a penis stretching routine. . It’s the epitome of a “win, win”. However, is stretching your penis with your hands really the best way to make your penis longer? Is it really as safe as it sounds?


Most who declare manual stretching as the way to go sell you on the concept that it can be done in “just minutes” a day. This is, from my experience true. You don’t need any equipment per se to do manual stretching. Your equipment, is your hands. You really do only need “just minutes” a day. However, how many minutes you actually need to stretch for when using just your hands is subjective. Mainly because, you have zero idea how much resistance you are applying to your penis. Here is the first, huge red flag with manual stretching. Again, you have ZERO idea how hard you are pulling. Take a moment to think about that. You have just decided to try making your penis longer. You have no idea where to start. You find a manual stretching “routine”. You are going to start pulling on one of the most valuable parts of your body. Do you really want to GUESS how hard you should pull on it? Because of the fact that every single one of us is a little weaker, or stronger than the next, AND we all feel physical sensations differently, you really cannot use a blanket term like “pull until you feel a good stretch” and expect it to translate equally to everyone who does so. There will always be that percentage of people who will pull just a little too hard and hurt themselves. It’s simply irresponsible to assume everyone who reads about how to manually stretch will do so without injury. Granted, there IS always some risk involved with forcing tissues to stretch past their natural physiological size.


I favor the idea of minimizing risk when it comes to MY penis. How about you? I thought you would agree! You DO have half a brain in your head, don’t you?


So, let’s talk about that “advanced” concept of penis weight hanging. First of all, this is also a technique that has been around, literally since the beginning. In fact, we are talking way before the internet. If you do some digging around in historical archives, you will find depictions in ancient artwork of penises being stretched with vines tied to the subjects penis on one end and on the other, usually a rock. Thankfully, we have much better than vines and rocks these days.


Enter Malehanger For Penis Weight Hanging

With penis weight hanging you usually wrap your penis to protect the skin and maybe add a little extra girth for fit of your device. Then, you attach your device like Malehanger to your penis. Typically, you have a step by step how to guide with pictures and videos. At least, with Malehanger you do. Most other devices penis weight hanging don’t get that detailed. So, you have your device and some weights to start penis weight hanging. Now what? Well, unlike stretching with your hands, you are going to start with a very low (and exactly known) amount of resistance in the form of a weight plate, like you would see in a gym. There are actually very small weight plates for those of you not familiar. You can buy weight plates as small as a fourth of a pound. Your best bet when just getting started with penis weight hanging is to go to a site like amazon and buy a set of “fractional weight plates”. With one of these sets, you get two ¼ pound plates, two ½ pound plates, two ¾ pound plates, and two 1 pound plates. All for around $30 USD. A great thing to have when getting started with penis weight hanging.

A typical penis weight hanging routine consists of starting with around 1 pound of weight and hanging 2-3 “sets” of 15-20 minutes a day. I go into much more detail in my how to guide which comes with purchase of Malehanger.


So, penis weight hanging is predictable, easily monitored, and you never have to guess how hard you are actually pulling on your penis. What sounds safer and more effective to you?
Thanks for reading!

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Ben, Owner Malehanger

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