Why You Should Not Use A Vacuum Penis Weight Hanger! chinese cupping therapy set 2




Hello again! This post shares all of the reasons why you should not use a vacuum penis weight hanger.

Above are two examples of the typical sources people looking to make fast money on your ignorance (not knowing any better) for “vacuum hangers”. In this post, I’m going to explain why, based on around 20 years of experience and helping others like yourself learn about penis weight hanging, you should not use a vacuum penis weight hanger.

Let’s start with some basic information first. Some opportunistic individuals started altering these devices and reselling them as penis stretching devices.  
That concept alone should be your first RED FLAG. Typically, when an existing product is modified to be used “off label”, it is not being used as originally designed and could therefor be dangerous. 

Another type of vacuum penis device that is typically more familiar for most people, even if only due to a “pop culture”, or Hollywood/movie reference, is a penis pump. A penis pump is something typically used for a quick “fluff” in size before sex, or as an erection therapy device given to a patient of a Urologist. A penis pump for safety reasons usually has a pressure gauge on it so you know how much vacuum pressure you are exposing your penis to and you can avoid injury from too much vacuum. This vacuum is often referred to as “HG” on a gauge. 

How are these vacuum penis weight hangers applied to the penis? 

You start with a non erect penis. Place your penis glans, or “head” into the cup area. Typically, you then roll a silicone sleeve over the lower area of the cup of the vacuum penis weight hanger device and onto your penis skin to form a seal between the two. You then turn a knob on the top of the vacuum penis weight hanger which pulls a plunger forward causing a suction inside. On other examples of these vacuum penis weight hanger devices, there is an attachment for a short hose which allows the user to via their own mouth (YUCK!) suck air from the cup of the device to create suction inside. 

You then attach your hanging weight to a hook that is usually retro-fitted to the outside of the cup of the vacuum penis weight hanger. 

This is where the danger begins….

These vacuum penis weight hanger devices do NOT usually come with a pressure gauge. This is a BIG no no if you want to avoid injuries like blisters on your penis. These blisters occur when you exceed a safe level of vacuum inside the cup area of these vacuum penis weight hanger devices. Once you apply your weight to your vacuum penis weight hanger, you begin to pull against the vacuum inside of the cup, further increasing the vacuum exponentially based on how much weight you are applying. Every increase in weight increases the internal vacuum and likelihood of blisters. Blisters occur when the vacuum inside the cup of a vacuum penis weight hanger causes lymph fluid to be pulled into the thin skin of the glans of the penis. You suddenly feel a sensation similar to being stuck with a needle on your penis glans and there’s your beautiful, Sexually Transmitted Disease resembling blister that your partner or spouse will think is SO sexy!

I say, why not just avoid all that in the first place? Thankfully, there are better alternatives like Malehanger. With a step by step how to guide which includes step by step pictures as well as VIDEOS for a full understanding of how to properly use Malehanger, you get on track for success from the beginning. You also get access to me by email and you can join my live support chat where new and experienced users just like you are sharing their experiences and asking questions in real time!

I hope you found this post to be informative. I appreciate you taking the time to read it! 


-Ben, Owner Malehanger.

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