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Penis stretching, while it may sound like a new practice, has actually been in practice by ancient tribes for thousands of years. It is similar to any practice where one stretches a body part (ears, lips, etc.). While there are many articles telling men why it doesn’t work, there are very few telling men how IT CAN WORK. The circumstances when penis enlargement doesn’t work is when it is attempted through creams, pills or surgeries. As we all know, creams and pills usually overpromise and underdeliver, if they deliver any results at all. And surgery, while it can make the penis longer in the flaccid state, also comes with a list of potential side effects. We all want overnight results for whatever changes we want to see, but that just isn’t realistic, or safe in most cases.

Penis enlargement using the penis stretching method is attainable and affordable. Using Malehanger it can be done in a controlled, predictable way because when using Malehanger, you use weights allowing you to see the amount of resistance being applied and what is comfortable to the user. It allows users to achieve penis enlargement in a safer, holistic way.

Below Are 20 Questions Regarding Penis Stretching and Penis Enlargement

  1. Does penis stretching/penis enlargement work?
    • Absolutely! As with any body modification like lifting weights to gain muscle or cardio to lose weight, the time and effort you put into it will impact the results you achieve.
  2. Does it hurt?
    • Using Malehanger, if the proper techniques, shown in the how to guide and videos, are used, then it shouldn’t hurt. You should only feel a mild stretching sensation.
  3. How long until I see results?
    • Just like going to the gym, it all depends on how often you use Malehanger, and how you progress in the amount of weight you use. While we cannot guarantee when you will see results, many customers report positive changes within 3 to 6 months.
  4. Will the results last?
    • In this case, unlike going to the gym, once you reach your goal, most of what you achieved will last. Tissue traction resulting from penis stretching is like stretching your ear lobes. Once you have stretched to a certain point, the stretch will maintain. Keep in mind that, should you gain weight, your results won’t look as obvious.
  5. What do I do if I injure my penis?
    • First of all, if you experience any pain while using Malehanger, remove your weights and remove your Malehanger Like an injury at the gym, take time off to let yourself heal. If time off isn’t enough, please see your physician.
  6. How often should I use my Malehanger?
    • It is recommended that you use Malehanger 5 days a week and take at least 2 days off, whether that be the weekend or other days.
  7. What if my penis is curved?
    • Those with Peyronie’s can still use Malehanger and do penis stretching because Malehanger is used when flaccid (not erect). While some experience straightening, not everyone will.
  8. I am uncircumcised. Can I do penis stretching?
    • Certainly! Malehanger can be used on both circumcised and uncircumcised penises.
  9. Can I practice penis stretching for a while, take time off, then do it again later?
    • You can gain a desired length, whether that be ½ inch or 2 inches, and then give it a rest for a year or longer then start back. It is recommended that, any time you take a considerable amount of time off, that you start at a lower weight and build back up again.
  10. After penis stretching, my penis is very sensitive. Is that normal and what can I do?
    • That is a normal side effect of penis stretching. Changes in sensation and sensitivity, such as a cold glans or discoloration, are often a normal part of the penis stretching process. Should you experience this, reduce the amount of weight you are using and try massaging your penis daily before and after stretching. If you experience any erection issues due to the sensitivity, take time off until your erections are back to normal. Do not panic, this is not uncommon, but is temporary if does occur.
  11. What if I can’t seem to get my set up right?
    • You can always email us at Malehanger and we will be happy to help. Also, we recently began offering 30-minute coaching sessions to help you one-on-one via video call to see your set up firsthand and provide feedback and answer any other questions you may have that can be better addressed face-to-face.
  12. Can I do penis stretching under my clothing?
    • While there are some “noose” methods out there that could allow this, they are not recommended as they are not safe because they put pressure on very sensitive nerves on top of the penis and can lead to numbness. Also, Malehanger cannot be used under clothing as you must use weight or bands to stretch. You can, however, use Malehanger while you travel by using the powerbands as an alternative to weights.
  13. I am a transitioned male, can I use Malehanger?
    • While we welcome all penises at Malehanger, we suggest that this be discussed with your surgeon and physician prior to purchasing.
  14. Will penis stretching help my erectile dysfunction?
    • While we make no claims that Malehanger will “cure” or treat erectile dysfunction, we have had some customers tell us it has helped.
  15. Can I do penis stretching if I have a penile implant?
    • It is not recommended to practice penis stretching if you have a penile implant as it could cause damage to the implant.
  16. Can I use Malehanger with subdermal sleeves or fillers?
    • It is not recommended to practice penis stretching if you have a subdermal sleeves or fillers as it could cause damage to sleeve or filler.
  17. I am 16 and want my penis to be bigger. Should I start penis enlargement now?
    • Penises can continue to grow and shape until you’re 20 years of age. It is not recommended to begin any penis enlargement exercise until you are at least 18.
  18. Can I wear Malehanger in the shower?
    • No, mainly for safety reasons. Doing so could cause you to slip and injure yourself. Additionally, while we use zinc coated hardware, it is not completely rust resistant.
  19. What do I do if my device is breaking or seems to need a metal part replaced?
    • Discontinue use immediately and email us so we can guide you on how to fix it or to ship you a new one.
  20. Does my current size matter?
    • Malehanger can be used by just about anyone as long as your visible flaccid length can stretch out to at least 4 inches. The penis is flexible, it is perfectly ok to stretch it, in case you wonder.

Ok so I said 20 questions, but everyone wants to know:

  1. How big should my penis be?
    • How big do you want it to be? Want 8 inches, go for it. Want 12? Sure. If you have a partner, you might want to ask them for their thoughts. My wife discusses how to talk to your partner in a video which you can find here and a blog as well.

DISCLAIMER: Malehanger™ devices are NOVELTY products for recreational adult use ONLY. They are not medical devices, nor have they been approved by the United State Food and Drug Administration. By purchasing Malehanger™ devices, you commit nonverbally to an agreement that you will not hold MHME, Inc. accountable for any injuries which may result from improper use of Malehanger™ devices. MHME, Inc. offers no guarantees on the “complete” safety of devices, not their efficacy. All liability and due diligence is yours and yours alone. 

WARNING: Do not use Malehanger™ while sleeping or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as it may lead to long term injury.

Be sure to check out the Malehanger Reddit! 


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