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Let’s talk about the safety of penis hangers. If you are reading this, it means you have done your research to find the best ways to get a larger penis and now you want to know more information about penis weight hanging and penis stretching with a penis hanger.


Is penis weight hanging with a penis hanger safe? Yes. When done right!
This post will show you how penis hanging increases your penis size from a medical point of view, the best tips to avoid any possible injuries, and the best routine to apply. 
Penis weight hanging is one of the most popular and proven penis lengthening exercises. So let’s take a look and find out everything you need to know about penis hanging and ways to stay safe.


What is Penis Hanging With a Penis Hanger?
Penis hanging is a kind of stretching exercises which increases the length of the penis by using weights hung from the shaft(usually just behind the glands) of the penis. 
The weights stretch the penis by creating resistance and stretching the shaft ligaments and tissues to gain more length. What is the mechanism of penis weight hanging with a penis hanger? The name of this method tells a lot about it; you will hang a weight from your penis obviously. The question now is what is going to happen when you do this? 
In order to comprehend everything, lets discuss the anatomy of the penis first. 
The penis is composed of the following parts.


1. Head (Glans): 
We can classify it into heads of uncircumcised men and heads of circumcised men. The head is covered with a tissue called mucosa in uncircumcised men which is also covered with a foreskin called prepuce. The prepuce is removed surgically in circumcised men and the mucosa turns into dry skin. 


2. Corpus Cavernosum:
The corpus cavernosum part is responsible for erections. It is composed of two columns running on the two sides of the penis and formed of tissues that are filled with blood when a man is sexually aroused causing an erection. 


3. Corpus Spongiosum:
The Corpus Spongiosum is the column running in the middle of the penis ending at the head. When you have an erection, this part becomes filled with blood to keep the urethra open. 
All the previous parts are formed of smooth muscle tissue so the questions that should be asked now are what is smooth muscle tissue and how does it grow?


Smooth muscle tissues are soft, spongy tissues which are so different from the cardiac and skeletal muscle tissues especially in the way they grow.


Skeletal muscles, like the muscles of your arms, grow through a process called hypertrophy which means the size of the tissue grows without any increase in the number of cells forming this tissue.

Smooth muscle tissues do not grow this way. They grow via a process called hyperplasia which increases the number of cells within the tissue so the overall size of it will grow too.
And in order to stimulate the process of hyperplasia, you need to stimulate it physically. This is done through methods like penis weight hanging. 


How does my penis actually grow?
Penis weight hanging with a penis hanger is like exercises to your penis. It is a resistive physical stimulation that enhances hyperplasia of the smooth muscle tissue of the penis. After a while, the tissue will adapt to the changes and become larger. 
And that is exactly the main goal. 


Penis weight hanging with a penis hanger benefits


  1. You can use your hands freely after attaching the weight to your penis. Notice that you should not move around a lot or do any heavy activities to avoid causing any damages. 
  2. There is no limit to the weight you can use or the length you want (within reason). Just give the exercise the proper time and consistency and you will get the length you want. Of course, it is the best to start with light weights then gradually increase them. It is also worth noting that all men are different when it comes to the amount of time under tension and the amount of tension required for growth. Some men will be easy gainers while others will take more time and tension to see gains. 
  3. It is not only about the length. Actually, the exercise may increase the base girth (overall circumference) of the penis by up to half inch. 
  4. The process is totally controllable when you follow the instructions typically. As we said, start with the weight that makes you comfortable and gradually increase it. If you are new to weight hanging start very low with 1 to 2 pounds to be cautious. 
  5. It is safe as long as you take the proper precautions. You have to monitor your physiological indicators and stress levels during the whole process too. The main key of the success of this method is not to rush the results. Give the tissues of your penis the proper time to adapt to the new changes. 
  6. The results are guaranteed but be patient and let the method work for you. All the studies say that it is a very effective and natural way to penis enlargement. 


How do I ensure I safely enlarge my penis as quickly as possible?


  • Start Slowly: 


Think of this method as going to a gym. You need to work your way up in weight and time; after all it all about getting a muscle bigger. Even if you have tried other methods, you still need to start slowly. 


  • Stop When You Feel Pain: 


This is applied to all penis enhancement methods. Once you feel pain, stop immediately. 


  • Warm Up: 


It is a precaution to decrease the risk of injuries. We will discuss it in the safest routine. 


  • Watch The Blood Circulation: 


Make sure that blood is reaching all the parts of your penis while hanging the weights. Also, have some rest periods during the hanging to restore the circulation.
You need to test to see what your tolerance time is but we recommend maximum of 15 to 20 minutes per set and then rest and let blood flow return for at least 5 minutes. 



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