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apex penis extender with malehanger


Hello again everyone! In this post, I’m giving my Apex penis extender review. I know I don’t often review other products on the market, and historically speaking, I’m not a “penis extender guy”, but this product blows me away! What makes this penis extender so much better than any of the other penis extenders I have tried over the years? I’m glad you asked and I’m going to cover that in full detail. If you like, you can skip my bla bla bla and just scroll down to watch my un scripted, un polished, non “You-Tuber” review video below. For those with longer attention spans and a fresh cup of coffee ready, here we go!

Introduction To The Apex Penis Extender

So, I was first introduced to the Apex penis extender on the Reddit group I belong to /r/gettingbigger.

The user/member /u/PervMcSwerve is the designer behind this product.

My Background In Penis Enlargement In A Nutshell For Those Who Don’t Know Me

I have been around the online penis enlargement community since 1999. I have seen and tried just about every manual (using your hands only) exercise you can find shared online. Every stretch, or squeeze exercise of the week. I have also used just about every variation of device you can buy. “All day” stretcher gimmicks that tie below the knee. Penis pumps from brands like Cal Exotics, and Bathmate. Penis extenders from brands like JES and Size Doctor. Vacuum weight hangers from brands like (long defunct) Max Vac. Weighted ring type products like (long defunct) Circle Device.

You get it. I’ve been there, spent the money for access to the park, rode most of the rides, puked after a few of them, loved a couple, etc.

Do Penis Extenders Even Work Though?

So, to the relevant topic at hand. Penis extenders and why I don’t usually like them. First, a penis extender usually needs to be worn on your penis for EIGTH TO TWELVE hours a day to actually see results. One of the KEY facts that penis extender sellers (but not the studies done on them) often leave out, so you will buy their product.

There are a handful of published studies on penis extenders, which show that tissue traction (also applied via penis weight hanging) applied to the penis consistently and for long periods of time (again, usually 8-12 hours a day) will usually cause permanent enlargement of the penis. Why is so much wear time usually needed with a penis extender to see results? Because, most penis extenders are only capable of exerting up to “3,500 grams” of tension on the penis. This is roughly 7.7 pounds, which sounds like a lot of tension. However, the penis and the ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone adapt to resistance applied to them over time.

This is why, 1 pound of weight via penis weight hanging may start out feeling heavy the first couple of weeks, but after this period of time, you will often need to add more weight to continue to feel a stretch.

(Google Search “penis extender studies” to fact check me if you like)

The same concept of tissue adaptation applies when using an extender. The penis and ligaments WILL eventually adapt to the resistance applied and if your extender is designed like most are, with fixed and non adjustable rods you screw together, you are limited by this design flaw for continuing to be able to apply more resistance and keep up with tissue adaptation.

Some context to consider which is often left out when discussing this concept and of course, the infamous penis extender studies is the likelihood that the study participants were “virgin” to penis enlargement….so they had little or NO prior tissue adaptation…..and/or likely already suffering some sort of sexual disfunction issue. After all, where would voluntary participants under normal circumstances for such studies?

Similar practices are often followed for clinical trials. You find participants from groups of people who are already potentially good candidates for your trial, so you can better control, or predict the outcome. In other words, while I do consider the extender studies to likely be valid for citation to validate the concept of penis enlargement through applied tissue traction; the studies were already likely skewed in favor of a good outcome.

Enter The Dragon…I Mean Apex Penis Extender!

So, as I point out in my video review below, I have not been paid to say nice things about this penis extender. It was sent to me to hopefully try out and give my feedback on. I decided to do a video review on my own. I got my Frankenstender in the mail and based on previous experiences with other penis extenders, was immediately impressed by the overall build quality. To use the old cliché, it’s build like a tank. It is also built for the serious user in mind. If you’re just looking to stick your toe in the water and see if you like stretching your penis, I suggest shopping for a $20.00 penis extender first.

If however, you are wanting a penis extender that is made to last and to continue to allow you to keep adding new tension to your penis and ligaments over time as they adapt to lower levels of resistance, get yourself a Frankenstender. You will thank me later!

So, what qualities besides being “built like a tank” make it worth the $$? 

  • High strength, ergonomic and designed by an actual penis extender user to be more comfortable than the rest, base ring. This is the area your penis goes through that presses against your pubic skin when wearing. This base ring is also larger in internal diameter than most others on the market.
  • QUALITY, large diameter stainless steel “side rods” that are fully threaded from start to end to accommodate sizes from 1.5 inches up to 10.5 inches.
  • The side rods are completely and independently adjustable via turn knobs (also stainless steel) in micro fine adjustments for more, or less tension and adjustable at any time while you wear your Apex extender.
  • LARGE range of adjustment for tension. From 1 to 40 pounds according to the maker. Will most users ever need the level of tension the Apex Extender can apply at maximum? No, but it’s awesome to not be limited, like with most penis extenders!
  • Compatible with most vacuum cups, silicone sleeves, and compression penis weight hangers on the market. Of course, I would love it if you used your Frankenstender as I demonstrate you can do in the below video with your Malehanger and one of our silicone sleeves.
  • Excellent customer service and support. You can reach the maker of the Frankenstender penis extender directly through his site. He also has a Reddit. 



In the few weeks I wore my sample before recording my Apex penis extender review video below, I got a very good feel for the device and if you can’t tell by my video, I’m a fan! I do make my own main focus for penis enlargement using my own product Malehanger. As busy as I am, I don’t get to wear my Apex Extender every day, but when I do wear it, I definitely feel like it adds to the overall tissue stretch I get on my training days.

I hope you found my Apex penis extender review helpful, watched my video below, or at least played it in the background while you did something more interesting. Thanks for stopping by as usual!



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